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Small website hosting @ $10/mo

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Medium website hosting @ $15/mo
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Billing Terms & Conditions

We strive to provide you with exceptional satisfaction in our website development and hosting services. To maintain our service level we have established the following payment terms.

  1. We will provide hosting for your website.
  2. Payments are due as follows:
    1. Initial deposit due to begin work on website.
    2. Remaining portion due at time of site launch. Website will be made live upon receipt of payment for remaining balance.
    3. Domain name registration (if requested) due upon purchase of domain name and prior to website going live.
    4. Hosting payment is due by the 1st of the calendar month (e.g. January hosting due January 1st).
    5. Hosting may be paid semi-annually (6 months) or annually (12 months).
  3. Delinquent accounts policy:
    We will notify you by email if payment is not received by the 1st of the month.
    1. Website hosting will be suspended if payment is not received by the 5th of the month. A "site is temporarily unavailable" notice will be displayed instead of your site home page.
    2. Website hosting will be resumed upon receipt of payment of all past due amounts plus the current month.
    3. Website will be deleted after 60 days of non-payment.
  4. Cancellation policy: You may cancel your website at any time by notifying us in writing or by email. Refund will be issued on a pro-rated basis for the website hosting only. No refund for website development after the website is completed.
  5. Payments may be made via Paypal using the button on this page, or sent by check to:
    Tela, Inc
    1769 N. Lexington Ave, #344
    Roseville MN 55113
    If you mail a check, allow 5-10 business days prior to due date for check payments to be posted.